Yoga instructor based in DC, MD and VA


I know Becca as not only a talented and dynamic yoga instructor, but also as a supportive mentor. Becca’s knowledge, guidance, and enthusiasm for the practice has been invaluable, as I’ve gained so much as a result, both as a student and an instructor. I have learned so much from Becca and am grateful for her wisdom and mentorship.
— JoAnn H.
Becca teaches powerful flows with plenty options to either kick it up a notch or ground down throughout. She keeps it light and offers opportunities to play, while making sure to connect with the breathe always. I appreciate her gentle guidance and assists - and the great playlists are an added bonus!
— Meghan L.
I like going to Becca’s classes because she cultivates a playful, don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously vibe, while still providing lots of opportunities for inversions and arm balances for students who want to practice those postures. I know I can expect a creatively sequenced and powerful flow, with awesome playlists when Becca is teaching.
— Rachel S.
Initially the idea of joining a yoga class was overwhelming and I worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Having Becca as the instructor for the first yoga class I’ve taken was great. Becca is patient and attuned to the class and peoples needs, paying attention to pacing and offering alternatives as needed. I’ve kept up my yoga practice and always find Becca’s classes to be energetic and challenging but not missing the calming benefits that focusing on breathing during yoga practice provides.

— Asmait T.
Becca is capable of teaching students of varying levels and makes challenging Rocket poses seem less intimidating and approachable. She breaks down transitions, arm balances, and provides different options or drills if something isn’t initially clicking. Arm balances that seemed out of reach were obtainable during her workshop. I recommend her Yoga Deep Dives workshop or her classes if you want to start or deepen a Rocket yoga practice.
— Christina W.