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Playlists on rotation


Instrumental Power flow

More downtempo than other playlists with a lot of bass. This has a lot of influence from my teachers past and present. I used to be obsessed with making playlists and to be honest, it can be really hard now. To stay updated on what’s ‘hot’ now or what makes the most sense with a flow of a class. You won’t find a lot of dancey music on here, but I go through phases with whether or not I want to include music with lyrics, general tempo, and how mainstream I want to be. I’m [trying] to be more thoughtful in my teaching and practice coming off of an amazing 50-hour training and this playlists sums it up.


Rocket 75 4.0

Newest rocket playlist that still includes some favorites from past playlists. Oh well. Rocket typically st.arts standing at the top of the mat, in Tadasana or Samasthiti and moves straight into Surya Namaskar A (sun salutation). For the sun salutation, I like to start out the first one or two really slow and methodical and let the students and their breath take over. Some parts instrumental, part glitchy and bassy with a dash of ‘mainstream’, it has a little bit of everything. One highlight is the Kate Simko “XX intro” song with the London Electronic Orchestra. It’s seriously beautiful.