Yoga instructor based in DC, MD and VA



Becca can tailor a 30-90 minute yoga and mindfulness class or wellness session specifically for your workplace. This is a perfect way to break up the week with some mindful movement in your office and build staff morale! No big space? No worries - Becca has experience teaching in gyms, conference rooms and the smallest of spaces. She also has experience in teaching all levels and can tailor a class (or multiple) for your organization based on your needs.


Is there a specific pose or area of the body you want to work on but don’t have enough time in class? Booking one or two sessions may be a great option for you to refine or dive deep into postures that elude you. Becca has experience in teaching beginners in corporate, apartment and studio settings. She also has expertise in teaching arm balances, inversions and transitions to all levels of practitioners. Private yoga is also a great way to start if you want to dip your toes in before going to the studio or other public classes. Becca will work with your specific goals and schedule. A $15 traveling fee will be applied to the session amount. Becca has an at-home private studio for clients. Please reach out for sliding scale costs for yogis who cannot invest the full amount.


Have a workshop idea in mind that you want to bring to your work or studio? Never fear! Becca has experience in arm balance, inversion, office/desk yoga and rocket vinyasa yoga. Reach out if you’d like her to bring a 90 minute or 2-hour workshop to your space!