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Avoiding Burnout as a Yoga Instructor

Today, I want to talk about new teacher/yoga teacher burnout and how new or seasoned instructors can avoid it. This also isn’t just for yoga instructors. It could be for fitness professionals as well! I could also title this: DO NOT DO WHAT I DID: The Becca Thomas Edition :) But let’s paint a nice little picture for you.

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Dealing with Small Class Sizes or No-Shows

Two years ago, I was teaching in apartment buildings in downtown DC and went through the same routine of showing up to the building, changing (I was coming straight from work), getting out my portable speaker, rolling out my yoga mat and waiting for my students to show up. On more than one occasion, one of my classes always had no-shows. And this isn’t just one instance, I’ve taught to one student or less than five at studios where I normally get a decent number of students. You can either roll with it or spend a lot of time agonizing what is wrong with you — I’ve done the latter and it’s not very constructive. This blog post will cover the reasons why people aren’t showing up (newsflash: 99% of the time, it isn’t you.. it’s them!) and how you can use the opportunities to grow as a teacher.

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